«I won’t be able to recall the exact number of videos I’ve created over all the years I’ve been involved in special effects and directing. Besides the large-scale projects that are known on a national and slightly international level, I’ve had clients – major companies that required round-the-clock support in video content production. For instance, in 2020, we were working with the best restaurant in Kyiv and simultaneously the best restaurant in New York. I calculated that between June and July of that year, we produced just over 300 social media videos for each of them, significantly boosting their sales. Not to mention the countless interviews and blogs that I produced or simply directed, not to mention the emerging musicians for whom I often shoot music videos for free. We’ve simply produced a huge number of videos over the past 15 years. That’s why I estimate the figure of 10 thousand videos a roughly. In reality, I believe it’s much higher. But I’m especially proud of those works that, without exaggeration, have saved people’s lives.» — Alex Makarov