«A life without music is something I can’t imagine at all. Music has always been somehow there. Not just on the radio, not just on records. But most of all, in my head.

Hello, I’m Alex Analog, and I make music.

I started writing my own songs as a little child, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. I didn’t learn it in school or in a course, it was more like melodies and lyrics sneaked into my head, and they wanted to come out into the world. My mother had an old keyboard at home, two keys were broken. I played my songs on it, without ever releasing them to the world.

There are artists who plan their songs outright. And then write, record, and release them strategically. Who write a summer hit in December so they can release it in June. I can’t do that. And I don’t even want to. And I doubt it has anything to do with art.

But for me, a good song is an artistic creation. A piece of art. It has to bring something new. Something original. Something that wasn’t there before, at least not like this, in this form or in this way. That’s why I discard ideas right away when they become clichéd or stereotypical. I find such music boring and replaceable. I think that’s also why I don’t like cover songs. And why my music isn’t easily categorized into a drawer or a genre.

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My songs are more like little literary sketches. I haven’t counted my songs, but I’ve definitely written a hundred songs, and each one of them has a double bottom or a trapdoor. A hidden space between the lines. That’s when it gets exciting for me.

And that also means: my songs are not autobiographical. Sure, my songs have something to do with me somehow, but very indirectly. Rather, they have their own life, their own logic, and they are open to different interpretations.

My songs are also somehow political, but not positions. After all, I don’t make punk. On the contrary: they don’t know exactly where to go, they’re looking for something, they’re feeling their way forward in the dark. They’re tightrope walks and balancing acts. Left and right of the abyss, so that you feel dizzy. They are dangerous, and if you’re not careful, you can fall very deep.

That’s my music.»

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